Why should you choose InnerMuse over the guy across town? He writes good music, and you get to hang out in the studio. Well, simply put, InnerMuse writes great music. Through our unique method of online interactive collaboration, we bring to the table the skills of a worldwide pool of writers of exceptional skill. They are skilled at listening to your needs and assimilating your visual and verbal content. The result is more than a supporting bed to keep the viewer from getting bored. It is a soundtrack that envelops your content and creates from it a seamless work more powerful than any of its parts. Not overpowering, but cohesive. Not the star, the glue.

We come to these skills, not by working with other crafts, but by working at other crafts. We are not just musicians, but also producers of video, music CD's, CD-ROM, and Internet content. We are cameramen, editors, conductors, recording engineers, graphic artists, photographers, programmers, copy and script writers. We compose well for all of these mediums because we have a clear understanding of the place of Sound Design in the larger picture.

Below are selected accomplishments of the principles of InnerMuse. To list the credits of every writer we represent would be virtually impossible.

Commercial Music

  • Wendy's
  • Doublemint
  • AT&T
  • Canon
  • Red Lobster
  • Uncle Ben's
  • Purina
  • Secret
  • Grecian 5
  • Pizza Hut
  • Olive Garden
  • Timberland
  • Fixident

Television Music

  • CBS NASCAR Theme
  • MTV New Music Awards
  • Grecian 5 1999-2000 campaign
  • The Guiding Light
  • The Morris Brothers (Children's show / Fox Dallas)
  • "Flyfaire" Caribbean Island Series Theme (Travel Channel)
  • "Live From The Lone Star Cafe, NYC" Theme
  • "The Equalizer" (engineering for Stewart Copeland of The Police)
  • "Success Stories, with Bruce Jenner" (engineering for Ian McDonald of Foreigner)
  • NBC "NFL LIVE" highlights music (engineer - seven years)


  • American Express
  • Revlon
  • Subaru
  • IBM
  • Ortho
  • McDonald's
  • Gillette

 Corporate Music

  • A&P
  • Century 21
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Harsco
  • Greenbax
  • World's Finest Chocolates
  • Glamour Shots

 CD/Record Production

  • Triple Platinum - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Coming Out Of Our Shells"
  • "Skin to Skin"- Harry Belafonte and Jennifer Warnes (top 10 Europe)
  • Jake Holmes "Dangerous Times"
  • Amanda Leigh "Awakening", "For Dreaming"
  • "Sarah Plain and Tall" - Glenn Close, Narrator (ALA Noble Recording)
  • "Through Grandpa's Eyes" - Glenn Close, Narrator
  • The Morris Brothers "Super Heroes" (Top 10 Radio AAHS)
  • The Goldberg Variations - Warner New Media (CD with Midi Data)


  • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (Co-wrote / Produced Live Show)
  • "Vivors" (Co-wrote Broadway Show)
  • "Strides" (Co-wrote Broadway Show)
  • "Grease" (Associate Conductor/Keyboards - Broadway, NYC)
  • "Sweeney Todd" by Stephen Sondhiem (Associate Conductor/Keyboards - Broadway, NYC)
  • "Smile" by Marvin Hamlisch (Keyboards - Broadway, NYC)
  • "Little Shop Of Horrors" by Alan Menken (Keyboards)
  • "Bar Mitzvah Boy" by Jule Styne (Keyboards)
  • "Cabaret" (Audio Engineer - National Tour)

 Music Engineering

  • Senior Engineer, Unique Recording, NYC, 12 years
  • Triple Platinum Album - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Platinum Album - Freddie Jackson "Just Like the First Time"
  • Platinum Album - Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force
  • Aerosmith
  • Steve Winwood
  • Joshua Redman
  • Bobby Watson
  • Lou Reed
  • The Ramones
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Luther Vandross
  • Melba Moore
  • Bo Diddly
  • Anne Murray
  • Dave Grusin
  • Dan Fogelberg
  • Johnny Paycheck
  • Mattel
  • Seiko
  • Nyquil
  • Fixident
  • Yoohoo

Live Performance 

  • Carnagie Recital Hall - Piano, "The American Songbook" March 1997
  • Alice Tully Hall - Piano, Gorecki Symphony No. 3 with the Purchase Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Lukas Foss, November 1996

CD-ROM Production

  • Archer Ace - Virtual Bowhunting Game (Producer) - Silver Award, New Media Interactive Entertainment 1995 WorldFest International Film Festival
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Macromedia Director Programmer, Sound Design)
  • Nucor Steel (QuickTime Virtual Reality Tour, Video Editor)

Website Design

  • - Monorail Manufacturer - Programmer
  • - Worldwide Yacht Charters - Programmer
  • - (our personal favorite, of course!)

 Video Production

  • The South Carolina Ports Authority - "The Port of the Future" - International Marketing Video - (Producer/Composer)
  • Harsco Track Technologies - International Marketing Video & 20+ training videos- (Producer/Cameraman)
  • The Philadelphia Foundation - "A New Vision for Greece" - Capitol Fund Drive Video for Athens Hospital (Producer)
  • "Christmas Music From The Holy City" - 16 Live Concert Recordings (Producer/Engineer)
  • Atlantic Records - Jump Little Children - Live Concert Recording (Cameraman)
  • Immigration & Naturalization Service - "The Colebrook Incident" (Editor)
  • "Live From The Lone Star Cafe, NYC" (Technical Director)


  • Manhattan School Of Music
  • The Berklee School of Music
  • Purchase Conservatory of Music, SUNY
  • Neupauer Conservatory
  • James Madison University, Dept. of Music