How InnerMuse Works
When you first visit InnerMuse, you will probably be curious about what kind of music we write. The short answer is "all kinds". We create music & sound effects for Flash and iFilms. We compose for television & film, we write jingles, we write songs. We do Sound Design.

While we pride ourselves on being bleeding edge, we can reach back and grab any style you can name. To get an idea of what we've done for others, click the picture on the right to go to "The Listening Room", and stream some samples from one of our many reels. You'll need Real Audio, which is available from that page, or an mp3 player.

Get Comfortable
If you like what you hear, but you have a few questions before you place your order, visit our contact page. From there you can email one of our producers, or set up a meeting in our Pre-Production Room. There we can chat online, and we can play you a few more things if you'd like. By the way, the Pre-Production Room is very similar to the Music Review Room in which we'll meet with you to review your music after you place an order. The main difference is that your Music Review Room will be private. No one else will listen in on our meeting. Just our producer and you, unless you care to invite someone else.

Order your music
When you're convinced that InnerMuse is the place to get your music, go to the Order Page. You'll need to tell us if your music includes vocals or not, and then you'll be taken to our secure credit card payment page. When we say secure, we mean SECURE. Our credit card page is hosted by VeriSign, the leader in the industry.

After you pay for your demo, you'll be taken to our unique Music Order Form. (If you'd like to see the form before you decide to order, click on the link to our form sample page. It's identical to the real thing, except it can't be submitted.) The Music Order Form will ask you questions about the music you need, how it will be used, who your audience is, when you need it, etc. There is plenty of room for you to tell us everything we will need to create the perfect composition for you. Just in case, there's an email link to tell us more! Our producers will put one of our writers on your project, the writer that we feel is most "in tune" with the music you've requested. If you're a repeat client you may request the same writer for future projects, of course.

Review your demo
When you place your order you will receive an immediate confirmation email. You will also receive, in a separate email, a confirmation of the appointment time you requested to review your demo. This email will include a clickable link to your private Music Review Room. At the requested time, you simply get online and click the link. When you get there, enter your name and log in. There will be a button or buttons at the top of the page that you can click to listen to your music. Our producer will also be logged in, and you may discuss the music with him or her by typing in the space at the bottom of the page. Tell us you love it, tell us you hate it - we can take it. We will work with you until the composition is right for your needs, making revisions and meeting with you again until it's perfect.

The Final
When you're satisfied, we'll deliver your final in whichever form you requested on your order. The cost of the final will vary depending on the use and the length of the music, the number of musicians needed to do it right, the region and length of the license you require, and so on. Payment options and terms will vary depending on whether the music is for an individual or business, the amount of the invoice, and our previous relationship with you. The cost and terms can be estimated before you place your order - simply review the form sample, and then email us with the particulars of your project. You don't need to fill out the entire form, just give us the broad strokes. If we need more detail, we'll request it. Thank you.