Pre-composed Music
Over the years, each time we were invited to submit music for a project our composers always wrote several things. Even when we won the project the client only picked one of those pieces. This leaves us with a lot of great music without a home. The pieces below are examples of some of these tracks. They are all available at much lower cost than if we had to start from scratch. They are all in multitrack format, allowing us to change the arrangement, length, mix, tempo, etc. to meet your needs. If you find something that is close to what you need, please
contact us with which piece you like, what it's for, how you think it needs to be adapted, how to contact you and any other information you find relevant.

IMPORTANT: These pieces are not offered as "needle-drop" or"library music". They will be adapted for and licensed to one client only, just as if you had asked us to write original music for you. The only difference is that since you've already found something you like, we've skipped the time consuming (and costly) process of finding exactly what you're looking for. We pass the savings on to you.

We're Sorry! This feature has become so poplular that we have to remove many of the current selections. We will be back soon with a new group of pieces for you to choose from. If you have immediate specific needs, please contact us through the link above. Thanks, InnerMuse


Acid Jazz




Easy Listening

Hard Rock



Orchestral Rock